Samsung to Unveil First Bada Phone on Valentine’s Day

As usual, Cupid is shooting his arrow on Valentine’s Day, but this year it’s at a seemingly unlikely target: mobile phones. Yes, all gadget enthusiasts everywhere may very well be lovestruck on February 14 as Samsung is most likely revealing its very first Bada OS-powered smartphone just ahead of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

We don’t have a lot of information on the subject, we just have a website called Samsung Unpacked that says:

“On Feb 14, a new mobile from Samsung is born. See it first in Barcelona.”

That’s it. Not much to go off of. While there’s no direct mention of Bada, the Unpacked motto and wording of the above paragraph (don’t forget the fact that the guests will be invitation-only) lead us to believe it’s not just another ordinary Samsung phone. It certainly does correspond with the rumors that Bada will be shown off at MWC this year and the first Bada phone being released in late March/early April.


Another key indicator that it’s Bada? The aforementioned Unpacked site features a background picture that’s underwater. Samsung has associated Bada with an ocean theme ever since it was first announced.

So is the Valentine’s Day meeting symbolic in some way, or just coincidence? I guess we’ll know if we fall in love with whatever they’ve got in store for us, eh?

via PhoneArena

Author: Brad Molen

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