The Puma Phone gets pictured, will be launched next week

Remember the Puma Phone announced in October 2009? The handset will be officially unveiled next week – and it has just appeared in a photo (although, for the moment, we can only see its back).

Manufactured by Sagem, the Puma Phone is targeted at sporty people, and it seems to be a touchscreen handset. Its known features include GPS, video chat, pedometer, bike/run tracking applications, instant messaging, a sports news application, stopwatch, a “music turntable”, a photo camera, and a solar panel on the back.

The Puma Phone will also provide access to Puma World (which includes news from football, motorsport, sailing and so on) and to various Puma apps and games.

Sagem Puma phone MWC

The price of the Sagem Puma Phone is not known at the moment, but a teaser website for the sporty handset is available here.

Via MobileCrunch

Author: Ilinca Nita

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