Nokia N8 12MP phone rumored; Nokia may finally launch new naming scheme

As you probably already know, Nokia doesn’t have a 12MP camera phone – or it might have it but it keeps it secret for now.

Last year, we’ve heard that the company’s first 12MP phone would be the Nokia N87. However, some new leaked details suggest that the rumored 12MP handset may be actually called Nokia N8.

French website Tom’s Guide claims that the Nokia N8 (or Nokia N8-00) will be launched in the first half of 2010, coming as the first smartphone based on Symbian^3. Apart from Symbian and a 12MP camera, the Nokia N8 should feature: 3.5 inch capacitive touchscreen display, HD (720p) video recording, HDMI port, and some video on demand service accessible via the Ovi Store.

Other new phones that Nokia is reportedly readying for 2010 include:

  • Nokia C5 / C5-00 (possibly pictured below) – it should be released in June for €140
  • Nokia C3 / C3-00 – S40 phone with QWERTY keyboard and email; it should cost only €49
  • Nokia C5-01 – a better equipped C3 that should compete with BlackBerries


As for Nokia’s new naming scheme that we told you about back in 2009, here’s what Tom’s Guide says it will include:

  • C: low end, voice-based phones
  • X: entertainment, music phones for young users
  • E: business phones, advanced solutions for e-mails
  • N: high-end
  • S: very high-end and limited editions

Well, all this info may seem a bit confusing, and we can’t verify it for now.

As you already know,  Nokia won’t have its own stand at MWC. Still, Nokia will have its own showfloor outside of the Congress grounds, they will also have a major press conference on Monday, where new handsets, services and naming changes might be announced.

We’ll be there next week. Stay tuned

Via The Nokia Blog

Author: Ilinca Nita

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  • andro

    Yea, I was initially disappointed to know that Nokia's not coming to MWC, but this rumour sounds quite interesting indeed.

    Saw another similar post:

  • surethom

    Xenon Flash please Nokia, I still have 2 phones one Samsung touchscreen & Nokia N82, I only want one touchscreen smartphone with Xenon flash.

  • murray macy

    may I buy a Nexus One for use with another carrier?

  • murray macy

    may I buy a Nexus One for use with another carrier?