Palm halts Pre and Pixi production, but only until the end of February?

An OTR Global report issued just hours ago says that Palm has ordered Foxconn to halt production of CDMA Pre and Pre Plus smartphones (sold via Sprint and Verizon, respectively) during February.

Reportedly, different Taiwanese sources have confirmed this, “and nobody knows whether shipment will resume in March.”

Actually, it looks like someone knows – apparently, Palm says the production of the Pre and Pixi (the latter being manufactured by Compal) is halted only for the Chinese New Year, and everything will go back to normal at the end of February. Moreover, the Pre Plus production for Verizon was boosted earlier this year, so the downtime shouldn’t have any negative effects on the smartphone’s availability.


OK, I know the Chinese New Year is a very important holiday in China, but has any other company halted production of its devices for weeks because of it? No, probably not. So there could be another reason for Palm halting the Pre and Pixi production – maybe the company plans some new and awesome webOS phones?

Author: Ilinca Nita

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