Palm Pre May Be Coming to Visit AT&T in May

Amidst countless rumors dealing with upcoming handsets and certain phone exclusivity contracts supposedly expiring, there are a couple things we know for sure, as officially announced by the company. We know AT&T is planning on launching 5 Android devices in the first half of 2010, and we know that this year will bring at least 2 WebOS (Palm) smartphones. Now let’s talk rumors, or things we don’t know for sure but wouldn’t be surprised to see.

Engadget has a very keen eye focused directly at the FCC and likes to keep track of what goes in and out there as much as humanly possible, and from time to time finds great nuggets of information. Yesterday they found documentation of a Palm Pre heading to AT&T, and the timeframe would put launch around May.

The Palm Pre featuring AT&T 3G bands is currently in the FCC under confidentiality rules that don’t expire until mid-May. What this means is that Palm and AT&T have requested the FCC not release any details to the public about the Pre until that time. Given their history, Palm usually releases its devices around the same time that confidentiality expires. Why wouldn’t the same thing happen in this case?


Here’s the other thing: is this really the Pre, or is it a revamped version that just happens to WebOS on it?Given the fact that this would be roughly a year after original release of the Pre, we are expecting it to be at least somewhat newer version than what we’ve seen. This part is all pure speculation, though.

The May release would not be surprising; in fact, we plan on seeing a lot of new devices come AT&T’s way around this time. It could easily be a sign of AT&T trying to move away from having focus on the iPhone as a result of losing exclusivity.

via FCC, via Engadget

Author: Brad Molen

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