T-Mobile Partners With Swype, Will Be Featured on Several Touchscreens

In my review of the Samsung Omnia II, I paid close attention to the new style of virtual keyboard featured on the handset called Swype. I praised the innovative style that came with it, and wondered about whether or not it would be popular enough to make it to other touchscreen phones. Turns out that the verdict is in, and Swype will now become more of a staple in many of T-Mobile’s feature touchscreen phones.

Swype sidesteps the usual tap-tap-tap method of keyboard input and instead opts for a swiping function, hence the name of the technology. You slide your finger from one letter to another without actually taking your finger off the screen until the word is done. Once done, Swype can usually tell what word you’re trying to type and throws it up onto the message for you. This method can be especially helpful if you’re a bit more clumsy at typing the actual words. If you still can’t visualize it, please watch the video at the end of the post.

The first phone to feature Swype Keyboards will be the brand new MyTouch3G, launched today on T-Mobile. This is just the beginning, though: T-Mobile plans on adding it to the HTC HD2, not to mention several other WinMo and Android devices.


With T-Mobile’s partnership, it looks as though this could become a new standard for phones all over the world if the phones they’re preloaded on are successful.

Here’s my video of using Swype on the Omnia II; it should be very similar to this on the new MyTouch3G.

via Swype, via intoMobile

Author: Brad Molen

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