Nokia Feel Symbian app suggests activities based on what you feel

Ready for a new experimental app from Nokia Beta Labs? Meet Nokia Feel, an application that lets you tell your phone how you feel, and then suggests things that you could do.

The app includes a list of feelings that you can choose: Happy, Lucky, Lonely, Hungry, Energetic, Bored, Creative, Caring and so on. After you tell the application how you feel, it will suggest specific activities for each feeling.

For example, if you’re feeling creative, the app can suggest things like: write a story, “draw a nice picture”, or contribute to Wikipedia.

It’s not clear yet if Nokia Feel is compatible with all Symbian phones (probably not), but it should work with all the touch-enabled ones.

You can download Nokia Feel from the Beta Labs website – note that you need a Nokia Account to access the download link.

Nokia Feel Symbian app

Nokia Feel Symbian app 2

A video preview of the Nokia Feel application can be watched below:

Via Nokia Beta Labs Blog

Author: Ilinca Nita

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