Sagem Orga and Telefonica announce SIMFi – the first SIM card with integrated Wi-Fi

Telefonica has partnered with Sagem Orga (part of the Safran group) to introduced the so-called SIMFi, the world’s first SIM card that features integrated Wi-Fi.

The SIMFi can be used in any type of classic cell phone, instead of a regular SIM card. It has an embedded WLAN modem, which can provide HSPA Internet access to notebooks, netbooks and other Wi-Fi capable devices.

By acting as an interoperable HSPA / Wi-Fi router that doesn’t require USB or PCMCIA modems, the SIMFi card lets users avoid “complex 3G modem and driver set-ups.”

Telefonica Sagem SIMFi SIM Wi-Fi

“We strongly believe that SIMFi, with its unprecedented functionality for wireless access, will significantly improve the user experience. If customers can connect their notebooks to the Web anytime and anywhere by simply using what they have with them most of the time and what is the most trusted secure device – the SIM card – adoption can be expected to be enormous,” says Remy Cricco, Technology Innovation Manager at Sagem Orga.

Sagem Orga didn’t announce when the SIMFi cards would be available, and neither for what price. However, we should expect Telefonica to commercialize the cards soon, hopefully before the end of 2010.

Via Press release

Author: Ilinca Nita

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