#MWC10: Toshiba TG02 and K01 with Windows Mobile 6.5 unveiled

If you’ve missed Toshiba (the company has been quiet lately when it comes to smartphones), you should be happy to find out that it has just announced two new Windows Mobile handsets: the Toshiba TG02 and Toshiba K01 – both of which have appeared in several leaked images last year.

Like the Toshiba TG01, the TG02 and K01 are powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 1GHz CPU and run Windows Mobile (version 6.5, for now).

The Toshiba TG02 is a slim full-touch smartphone with a 4.1 inch WVGA capacitive display, and it also brings a “newly designed and highly-intuitive 3D menu system.”

The Toshiba K01 is somewhat similar to the TG02, but it adds a sliding QWERTY keyboard. The K01 is only 12.9mm thick and it’s Toshiba’s first smartphone with an OLED display (4.1 inches, WVGA).

Toshiba K01 MWC official

Toshiba didn’t announce the prices and release dates of the TG02 and K01.

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Author: Ilinca Nita

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