#MWC10: Huawei U8800, U8300, U8100, U8110 and SmaKit S7 are all about Android

Earlier today, we were telling you about 5 new ZTE Android handsets. As it turns out, ZTE is not the only Chinese company that has lots of Android devices prepared for MWC 2010. Huawei has some, too: Huawei U8800, Huawei U8300, Huawei U8100, Huawei U8110 and Huawei SmaKit S7.

Huawei U8800 is touted as the world’s first HSPA+ Android smartphone, since it supports data transfer speeds of up to 14Mbps in downlink.

The U8800 will be available starting the third quarter of 2010 and it should be affordable. The smartphone looks pretty nice, runs Android 2.1 and features a 3.8 inch wide touchscreen display (WVGA maybe?):

Huawei U8800 Android MWC

Next we have the Huawei U8300, a funky QWERTY Android smartphone “aimed at the youth market.” The U8300 integrates Facebook and Twitter and it will be available in three color versions: yellow, purple and green. No word yet about its price.

Huawei U8300 Android MWC

Huawei U8100 and U8110 have different designs, but share the same features: 2.8 inch QVGA display, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3.2MP camera and VGA front-facing camera. Both the U8100 and the U8110 will be available across Europe in the second quarter of 2010.

Huawei U8100 Android MWC

Huawei U8110 Android MWC

Last but certainly not least, we have the Huawei SmaKit S7 tablet / MID:

Huawei SmaKit S7 HID Android MWC

The Huawei SmaKit S7 features a 7 inch, 800 x 480 pixels touchscreen display and social networking integration, and “supports information-sharing across screens to present the same content simultaneously on computers, mobile phones and TV screens.” The release date and price of Huawei SmaKit S7 were not announced.

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Author: Ilinca Nita

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  • James W

    pretty downright ugly, uninspiring and very 90's looking.

  • James W

    pretty downright ugly, uninspiring and very 90's looking.