#MWC10: Nokia and Intel introduce MeeGo, a Moblin-Maemo software platform (video)

In a rather surprising announcement, Nokia and Intel have just unveiled MeeGo – a mobile, Linux-based open source software platform that merges Maemo OS with Moblin OS. If you remember, Nokia and Intel announced back in 2009 that they would collaborate for a new software platform – but I didn’t expect them to unveil the platform at MWC 2010.

Just like Google’s Android, MeeGo is free and supports multiple hardware architectures across a vast range of devices, like: pocketable mobile computers, tablets, netbooks, “mediaphones”, in-vehicle infotainment systems and connected TVs. Well, now I understand why Nokia didn’t join the Open Handset Alliance.

Hosted by the Linux Foundation, MeeGo includes the Qt application development environment and the best capabilities of the Moblin core OS.

Thanks to Qt, developers will be able to write apps for MeeGo and then easily deploy them on Symbian, and vice-versa (by the way, MeeGo apps will be available via Ovi Store).

MeeGo will run on high-performance devices, providing multitasking, visually rich graphics and a variety of “Internet, computing and communication experiences.”

“MeeGo will drive an even wider range of Internet computing and communication experiences for consumers, on new types of mobile devices. Through open innovation, MeeGo will create an ecosystem that is second to none, drawing in players from different industries. It will support a range of business models across the value chain, building on the experience and expertise of Nokia, Intel and all those who will join us. Simply put, MeeGo heralds a new era of mobile computing,” declared Nokia’s CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo.

Nokia Intel MeeGo Linux Maemo

Intel Vice President Doug Fisher, and Nokia Vice President Ari Jaaksi talk about MeeGo in the video below:

Nokia and Intel say that the fist MeeGo devices will be available before the end of 2010. Until then, here’s the official MeeGo website.

Via Press release

Author: Ilinca Nita

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