#MWC10: Nokia, Symbian officially announce Symbian^3 (video)

Not long after announcing that the Symbian platform is completely open source, the Symbian Foundation has now officially announced Symbian^3.

Symbian^3 should be feature complete by the end of Q1 (March), and while it’s not a completely new OS (like Symbian^4 is expected to be), it will bring many novelties.

Some of the new features of Symbian^3 include: new 2D and 3D graphics architecture, multi-touch gesture support, new homescreen with “support for multiple pages of widgets”, HDMI support, music store integration, and usability enhancements.

“Symbian^3 is another huge milestone in the evolution of our platform. Now that it is fully open source, the door is open to individual contributors, device creators and third-party developer companies, as well as other organizations, to create more compelling products and services than ever before. We have enjoyed significant momentum since we completed S^2, with companies including Sun, Nokia, Ixonos, Comarch and Accenture, among others, contributing to S^3. We are now looking to build on this momentum and remain on course to complete S^4 later this year,” declared Lee M. Williams, Executive Director of the Symbian Foundation.

Screenshots and a video preview of Symbian^3 can be seen below:

Nokia Symbian^3 official MWC

Nokia Symbian^3 official MWC 3

The first Symbian^3 smartphones should be released by Nokia starting the second half of 2010. For more info on Symbian^3 (including how you can access the source code), visit the Symbian Foundation official website.

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Author: Ilinca Nita

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