#MWC10: Sagem Cosyphone for the elderly features NFC technology

Today (only one day before unveiling the Puma Phone), Sagem has announced the Cosyphone – a new ultra-simple candybar made for the elderly (customers over 50’s).

One of the main attractions of the Sagem Cosyphone is the built-in NFC (near-field communications) technology, which allows you to access some of the phone’s features “without scrolling through menus.”

Apparently, you can create some sort of shortcut cards (both customized and pre-configured) that can be associated with contacts, or with services available via the Cosyphone. This way, you can just waive the handset over a shortcut card in order to call someone, or to access the phone’s browser and other services alike.

Sagem doesn’t say how you can make these shortcut cards – but they’ll probably be available at the same time with the new phone.

Sagem Cosyphone NFC 2

Sagem Cosyphone NFC

“Everything about the Cosyphone is centered around comfort and simplicity, from the shape, weight and display of the device to the user interface and charger cradle. We have integrated the latest NFC technology to enable users to customize how they access the features they require from a mobile device. Despite such a wide variety of devices on the market, with an aging population in Europe there is an opportunity for a simple, effective connected lifestyle device which makes life easier. Cosyphone fills this gap in the market,” said Thierry Buffenoir, CEO, Sagem Wireless.

Sagem plans to launch the Cosyphone via various mobile carriers, but it’s not clear yet when, an neither in what countries. Also, there’s no word on the handset’s price.

Via RealWire

Author: Ilinca Nita

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