#MWC10: HTC HD2 caught running Windows Phone 7 Series?

There’s no way to confirm this at the moment, but it looks like the HTC HD2 was spotted running Microsoft’s latest and greatest Windows Phone 7 Series.

The HD2 can certainly support Windows Phone 7 Series, since it has a 1GHz CPU, a WVGA capacitive display and so on.

There’s only one photo with the HD2 running Windows Phone 7 – it appeared over at WinMo.nl. It could be fake, of course – but then again, this is not the first time we’re hearing the HTC HD2 might be upgraded to the newest version of Windows Mobile.

Reportedly, Windows Phone 7 Series runs faster than WM 6.5 on the HD2. Also, WP 7 seems to be multilingual “out of the box.”

HTC HD2 Windows Phone 7 Series

OK, so even if Microsoft and HTC won’t officially release a WP 7 update for the HD2 (which will soon be launched by T-Mobile USA), there might still be unofficial ROMs to provide the update.

Until this happens, in the improbable case you haven’t seen what Windows Phone 7 Series looks like, you can do it here.

Via WMPoweruser

Author: Ilinca Nita

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