#MWC10: Verizon brings unlimited Skype calling to 3G smartphones starting March

Big (if not huge) news for Verizon’s subscribers who own 3G smartphones: the largest North American carrier has just announced that it would provide Skype calling on smartphones starting March – that’s next month.

If you have a Verizon data plan, you’ll be able to make and receive unlimited Skype-to-Skype voice calls – not only in the US, but also internationally.

Moreover, the upcoming Verizon Skype mobile app will let you chat with other Skype users (via instant messaging), or call international numbers “at competitive Skype Out calling rates.”

“Skype mobile on Verizon Wireless changes the game. For Verizon Wireless’ more than 90 million customers, Skype mobile adds great value because we’re effectively giving customers with smartphones and data plans the option to extend their unlimited calling community to hundreds of millions of Skype users around the globe. And you’re not limited to using a single type of phone,” declared John Stratton, executive vice president and chief marketing officer for Verizon Wireless.

Verizon Skype smartphone

For the beginning, Skype will be compatible only with “best-selling Verizon Wireless 3G smartphones with data plans”, like: Motorola Droid, HTC Droid Eris, Motorola Devour, BkackBerry Storm2 9550, BlackBerry Storm 9530, BlackBerry Tour 9630, BlackBerry Curve 8530, BlackBerry Curve 8330 and BlackBerry 8830 World Edition.

You can sign up for more info here.

Via Press release

Author: Ilinca Nita

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