Verizon, China Telecom, KDDI join the GSMA preparing for LTE commercial roll-out

Verizon Wireless, China Telecom and Japan’s KDDI au (which, as you probably know, are CDMA mobile carriers) have joined the GSM Association – confirming, once again, their plans to launch commercial LTE / 4G networks by the end of 2010.

As GSMA’s Alex Sinclair puts it, LTE (capable of providing peak rate speeds of up to 50Mbs in uplink and 100Mbs in downlink) “is bringing the GSM and CDMA communities together.”

In a probably distant future, all mobile carriers around the world might use LTE. Reportedly, “the number of global LTE connections” could exceed 72 million by 2013.

LTE-Verizon CHina Telecom KDDI GSMA

Europe already has a commercial LTE network – launched by Telia in Sweden and Norway. In the US, Verizon wants to roll-out LTE in 25 to 30 markets this year, while AT&T will probably do the same next year.

Via Press release

Author: Ilinca Nita

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