Samsung to invest more than $112 million in mobile software this year, launch cheaper smartphones

After unveiling the Wave S8500 (its first Bada smartphone) at MWC 2010, Samsung said that it plans to invest a lot in mobile software this year.

In 2009, the company invested 130 billion Won (about $112 million) in mobile software. Now, Samsung CEO Choi Jee-sung mentioned that, this year, they will spend even more (most probably trying to make Bada a top software platform).

Samsung also wants to launch smartphones that cover all price ranges, including cheap ones – this way, its plan to overtake HTC might actually work.

Samsung-Wave-Bada software

Nokia will also launch cheaper smartphones (Symbian-based) in 2010 – some models could cost as low as €100. I don’t know if Samsung will have €100 smartphones, too, but some of its Android and Bada handsets might fall in this price range.

Via Yonhap News

Author: Ilinca Nita

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