Google Earth for Android 2.1 available now

Available for Apple’s iPhone since 2008, Google Earth is now finally available for Android, too – although you need to have an Android 2.1 device (like the Nexus One) to use it.

The Android version of Google Earth is the fastest mobile version yet and comes with Roads layer, a feature that you might know from the desktop version (it provides “road labels drawn on top of the satellite imagery”).

Leveraging on the integrated voice recognition capability of Android 2.1, Google Earth for Android also features a “pocket globe that responds to your every command,” so every time you want to search for something, you can do it by voice only.

Google Earth Android 21 available

Google Earth Android 21 available 2

Google Earth is available now via the Android Market. Owners of smartphones like the Motorola Dorid will be able to use it as soon as their devices are updated to Android 2.1.

Via the Official Google Mobile blog

Author: Ilinca Nita

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