Nokia and LG to have phones with augmented reality features

Both Nokia and LG are looking at augmented reality as a way to improve the user experience on their smartphones.

Jo Harlow, Nokia’s Senior Vice President of smartphones, has recently talked about the future of Symbian, saying that devices with Symbian^3 will feature multi-touch and great graphics performance – which we already knew.

More importantly is that Jo Harlow mentioned augmented reality as one of the things that could really enhance the services Nokia offers (particularly the Ovi Maps experience), although she didn’t say when we will get to see Nokia handsets with augmented reality features on the market.

Jo Harlow also hinted at the type of smartphones Nokia will concentrate its efforts on: touch only, and touch + QWERTY (like the Nokia X10).

You can watch an 8 minute video with Jo Harlow below (via Nokia Conversations):

Unlike Nokia, LG is being more specific about its augmented reality-related plans. The South Korean company says that the LG LU2300 Android smartphone (unannounced until now) will feature a variety of built-in services, including an augmented reality one.

The LG LU2300 should be launched in South Korea in the second quarter of 2010.

Augmented reality is a technology that can show real-time digital information mixed with real-world environment through a mobile phone’s camera.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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  • James W

    I really thought that Nokia vice president was a man at first glance.

  • James W

    I really thought that Nokia vice president was a man at first glance.