Apple to Sell iPad at Best Buy, Other Locales

Last week we mentioned an unconfirmed piece of info that the iPad will be sold in AT&T retail stores. Fortunately, we can take that rumor and raise you a confirmed announcement straight from the mouth of Tim Cook, Apple’s COO. Cook officially mentioned yesterday at a Goldman Sachs tech conference that the iPad will be available in a similar fashion to that of the iPhone, meaning it will be available in Apple’s direct sales channels and other retail locales that already sell Apple products.

Specifically, Mr. Cook mentioned one such partner will be Best Buy, which fits because it already is selling the iPhone. While he didn’t come out and specify any other company, it certainly was implied that AT&T stores as well as other venues selling the iPhone will also be allowed to sell the iPad.


He also mentioned that “over time (the number of venues) will expand”. Does that mean it will be limited to a very small number of retailers at first, but expand out to anyone under the sun later down the road?

With the iPad launching in about a month, we can expect to see more announcements of this type in the very near future, as more and more details start surfacing about the all-mysterious iPad.

via AppleInsider

Author: Brad Molen

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