Mobile phone subscriptions may top 5 billion in 2010

A recent report from the ITU (International Telecommunication Union) indicates that mobile phone subscriptions will probably top 5 billion subscribers by the end of 2010 – so there will be 400 million more subscriptions than in 2009, when 4.6 billion subscriptions were reported globally (a 67% penetration rate).

In developed counties, the average mobile penetration rate is already higher than 100%, while in developing countries it only reached 57%.

Internet usage is also on the rise (naturally), with about 1.7 billion people (26% of the world’s population) having access to the Web.

At the same time, fixed-line telephony subscriptions are declining, since “mobile is now on average cheaper.”

Mobile phone subscribers 2009

“Demand for mobile telephony is fairly resilient with consumers willing to spend their disposable income on mobile services even at times of financial constraints,” says statistician Esperanza Magpantay.

According to the ITU, the most advanced countries in telecoms and the Internet terms in 2008 were Sweden, Luxembourg, Denmark, Netherlands, Iceland, Switzerland, Norway and the UK (in Europe), and South Korea and Japan in Asia.

Via Reuters

Author: Ilinca Nita

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