NASA launches its first iPhone game: Lunar Electric Rover Simulator

Who knew NASA would one day launch its very own iPhone game? Well, it just did. The game is called Lunar Electric Rover Simulator, it’s free and available now.

As the names suggests, NASA’s game simulates Lunar Electric Rover missions on the Moon, allowing players to see “what it might be like to support the activities of a functional Lunar Outpost.” Reportedly, gameplay controls are simple, but it looks like it’s not that easy to complete missions.

The new iPhone game features an interactive Learn section, as well as a Gallery sections that lets you take a closer look at different Lunar Electric Rovers.

NASA iPhone game Lunar Electric Rover Simulator

NASA iPhone game Lunar Electric Rover Simulator 2

iPhone and iPod touch owners who often dream about landing on the Moon can download NASA’s Lunar Electric Rover Simulator via iTunes here.

Via Krapps

Author: Ilinca Nita

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