Windows Phone 7 Series Phones to Support Only 3 Flavors of Chassis

Long before Microsoft officially announced its plans to release Windows Phone 7 last week at MWC 2010, rumors flew all over the place that these phones would be held under incredibly strict standards. It was widely expected that if you were planning on manufacturing a Windows Phone, you would need to adhere to a long list of required specs or else you would not be allowed to use Windows Phone 7 Series. Details on these specs were (and still are, for the most part) rather fuzzy and unknown, but a new leaked detail from Redmond is making waves.

According to an Australian developer, Microsoft is only supporting 3 chassis models to be used for its Windows Phone 7 Series. This is a rather large contrast to the lackadaisical approach Microsoft seemed to have towards manufacturers of previous Windows Mobile OS. Here’s what we know about each chassis type.


Chassis 1: Meant for “big touchscreen phones”; they will be only touchscreens and have at least a 1 GHz processor such as Snapdragon, and will need its own dedicated graphics processor. Chassis 1 will be the first ones out of the gate for this holiday season.

Chassis 2: Slide-out keyboards will be added on alongside touchscreens.We assume the processor specs will be roughly similar to that of Chassis 1.

Chassis 3: There are no certain details on 3, though they are suspected to be candybar devices. No word on when 2 or 3 will be ready.

If this is truly the case, it means Microsoft is finally getting serious about the way it locks down its handsets. The company is taking some earnest ownership of the new OS, which could prove to be the best solution to a ever-growing reputation concern involving Windows Mobile or Windows Phone.

via ZDNet

Author: Brad Molen

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