Rumor: Nokia E73 to be launched by T-Mobile USA

Although Nokia will probably announce an E73 sometime in the future (as the logical successor of the E71 and E72), clear details about such a smartphone are basically nonexistent at this point.

Even so, TmoNews has it that T-Mobile USA will launch the Nokia E73 sometime in June (several months after the Nokia Nuron). But this is, of course, only a rumor for now.

TmoNews also claims that the E73 is the Nokia Mystic leaked last month and pictured below – it could be, although the Mystic is probably not an Eseries device (and the real E73 will hopefully look better).

Nokia-E73 Mystic

T-Mobile USA currently has only entry-level Nokia phones in its line-up, so an E73 launch would surely be of interest to many customers. We’ll bring new info as soon as more accurate details show up.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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