Skype for Windows Mobile removed from Skype’s website

If you have a Windows Mobile smartphone and want to download Skype from Skype’s official website, you’re in for a little surprise

According to Skype, “Skype Lite and Skype for Windows Mobile are no longer available” – although, if you go here, you can still download the application to your WM phone.

Reportedly, “Skype Lite and Skype for Windows Mobile were not offering the best possible Skype experience”, and that’s why Skype decided to remove them. However, if you already have Skype Lite and Skype for Windows Mobile, you can still use them (throughout 2010, anyway).

Most probably, Skype is readying a version of its moible app for Windows Phone 7 – but this will only be available when the first WP7 phones are launched (sometime in late 2010).

Skype-Windows-Mobile discontinued

Until then, Skype is still available for iPhone, Symbian and Maemo.

Via WMPoweruser

Author: Ilinca Nita

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