Vodafone UK to launch the Google Nexus One in April

According to initial rumors, the Nexus One should have been available via Vodafone since late January or early February. However, Google’s first phone is not ready yet for Voda.

And although there hasn’t been any official announcement about the exact release date of Nexus One via Vodafone, it looks like the carrier’s subscribers in the UK will be able to buy the smartphone starting April.

Telegraph.co.uk has it that “sources close to both companies have confirmed that April is when the company will have a realistic chance of being ready for the launch.”

For the moment, there are no clear details on pricing, but the Nexus One might cost €150 with a Vodafone contract agreement. Vodafone will probably not offer the Nexus One directly to customers. Instead, you’ll be able to buy the handset via Google’s online phone store.

Google-Nexus-One-Vodafone UK Android April

Vodafone aside, the Google Nexus One is coming soon to Verizon, too (by the way, Vodafone owns 45% of Verizon Wireless).

Author: Ilinca Nita

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