TigerText (for iPhone) to revolutionize the way we send and receive SMS

X Sigma Partners, an L.A.-based company, announced the availability of TigerText, a new application for iPhone set to revolutionize the way people send and receive text messages.

Leveraging on patent-pending technology, TigerText lets you send messages that “delete off of both the sender’s and receiver’s phone after a set period of time.”

You can set the messages’ lifespan from 1 minute up to 30 days after receipt. After a message is deleted, it can no longer be retrieved, since it’s not stored on any server.

“I can’t think of anyone who would not want this protection. It is not about hiding what you are doing or trying to be deceptive. It is about protecting your privacy. In today’s fast paced world, everyone is guilty of running at the thumb at some point in time. No one would want every text they send to live forever. Business texts are safe from leaks or corporate spying; personal messages are kept private; embarrassing texts simply disappear,” says Jeffrey Evans who worked on TigerText.

TigerText iPhone send receive SMS

iPhone users can download the TigerText application here, or by searching it in the App Store. The application is free for the first 15 days of use, or for the first 100 text messages. After that, it’s $1.49 per month for 250 texts. If you want unlimited texts, you have to pay $2.49 per month.

TigerText apps for Android and BlackBerry will be released soon. No word yet about the availability of versions for Symbian, Windows Mobile or Windows Phone 7.

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Author: Ilinca Nita

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