T-Mobile’s HTC HD2, Motorola Cliq XT and Nokia Nuron priced?

We already know that the HTC HD2, Motorola Cliq XT and Nokia Nuron are all coming soon to T-Mobile USA, but the carrier didn’t announce their prices.

Well, TmoNews says the handsets could be prices as following: the HTC HD2 will be $199.99 with a contract agreement for two years, or $449.99 free of contract; the Motorola Cliq XT will cost $129.99 on contract, or $329.99 without any agreement; the Nokia Nuron will be cheaper – $69.99 with contract, or $179.99 without.

The on contract prices involve some rebates, although it looks like if you buy the HTC HD2 or the Motorola Cliq XT with a data plan there will be no rebates required.

T-Mobile USA HTC HD2 Motorola Cliq XT Nokia Nuron price

Reportedly, T-Mobile USA will launch all three new handsets this month.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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