Sony (not Sony Ericsson) launching a PSP phone this year to rival Apple?

If Sony Ericsson won’t make a PSP phone, Sony might. The Japanese company hasn’t launched a cell phone under its own brand since 2001, when the joint venture with Ericsson was established.

A Wall Street Journal report has it that Sony wants to launch a phone of its own this year because it’s “threatened by Apple’s growing stable of portable devices.”

Said phone is actually a smartphone which should be able to download and play PlayStation games, and access the upcoming Sony Online Service (which will be somewhat similar to Apple’s iTunes).

Although the alleged PSP phone will only have Sony’s logo on it, it’s reportedly made in collaboration with Sony Ericsson.

Apparently, Sony wants smartphones to play a strategic role in the company’s future. It will be interesting to see what OS Sony chooses  for its first smartphone. Android? Windows Phone 7 Series? Symbian?

Sony PSP-phone 2010

(this is a China-made fake PSP phone)

Sony is also planning to make some sort of tablet that should have the role of “a netbook, an e-reader and a PlayStation Portable.” The Sony tablet should compete with Apple’s iPad and other similar devices.

Via Phone Scoop

Author: Ilinca Nita

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  • kathi17

    This should be very popular!

  • kathi17

    This should be very popular!