Microsoft’s Pink phones show up again, might hit both Verizon and Vodafone

Although Microsoft hasn’t officially announced them, the Project Pink phones are almost certainly real and coming to Verizon in the near future.

Codenamed Pure and Turtle, the handsets have appeared in two new leaked images over at Engadget.

Manufactured by Sharp (one of Japan’s leading phone makers), the Microsoft Pink Pure and Pink Turtle seem to be featurephones, not smartphones. They might be released by Verizon on April 20, targeted at young mobile users. After the Verizon launch, the two devices should also be available across the globe via Vodafone.

Microsoft Pink Pure Verizon Vodafone

Microsoft Pink Turtle Verizon Vodafone

Details about the prices of Microsoft’s Pure and Turtle handsets are not yet available, but since they’re targeted at young users, I assume they won’t be too expensive.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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