Rumor: Palm Getting Desperate, Ditching Mail-in Rebates?

Nobody likes mail-in rebates. They are the bane of the consumer’s existence. While we all get frustrated that they still exist, we know that these rebates are incredibly profitable for the companies that require them because consumers don’t remember to send those rebates in or use the gift card that arrives in the mail 6 weeks later.

If rumor is correct, Palm is willing to go the way of Apple and do away with mail-in rebates for its Verizon devices, amidst reports that they aren’t selling as many units as originally hoped. Thus in attempt to increase sales and keep from hitting rock bottom, losing the additional revenue made from these rebates is worth it to Palm if it will help push more units.


The change is supposed to be going into effect today, so we don’t have to wait very long to know if the rumor is true or not.

Sound off, potential smartphone buyers: will this have any effect on whether or not you choose to buy a Palm Pre Plus or Pixi Plus?

via BGR

Author: Brad Molen

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