Rumor: AT&T Will Get Palm Elan Slate Phone, Palm and Pixi Wrap up Testing

We know AT&T is planning to bring Palm’s WebOS into its fold sometime in the first half of 2010 in the form of two devices, as announced earlier this year. What we don’t know is which devices will grace the second-largest wireless carrier in the US with its presence. The Pre Plus and Pixi Plus already are in the plans for AT&T, but what if there’s a third, unannounced Palm with WebOS that will be featured exclusively on the same network?

That’s the big rumor of the weekend, according to PreCentral. A couple of users have come across info about a device code-named Palm Elan, which sounds as though it will be a full touchscreen with soft keyboard; in other words, the same slate style as the iPhone and Nexus One. Recently several accessory manufacturers had made mention of an Elan on their website (though that information has been taken down since). Also, the sources claim AT&T will begin testing of the Elan within the next two weeks and will initially be released in Europe.


On top of this news, a forum member at PreCentral is an AT&T employee who says that he has finished testing for the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus, and that it should be basking in the flourescent lights of the AT&T stores by May 10. This would fulfill the promise of two WebOS devices by June, made by CEO Ralph de la Vega in January.

So to recap, AT&T could likely release the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus by May, and the Elan at some unspecified time (most likely in second half 2010). Again this is all hearsay and not confirmed in any way. But if it really is true, the Palm Elan would be the slate Palm device that so many Palm fans have been waiting for. Palm fanboys, sound off: are you interested? Intrigued? Curious?

via PreCentral via EngadgetMobile

Author: Brad Molen

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