Nokia files patent for piezoelectric powered cell phone battery

While other big phone manufacturers (like Samsung) are using solar energy as an alternative to charge their phones’ batteries, Nokia intends to use piezoelectricity and kinetic energy.

The Finnish giant has filed a patent for a “Piezoelectric Kinetic Energy Harvester” – which is actually a cell phone battery that’s “contained within a first frame that is coupled to a second frame by one or more piezoelectric elements.”

Said battery should be included into a phone with the help of other piezoelectric elements. A power controller would gather electrical energy resulted from the phone’s everyday use (rotation, “acceleration in numerous directions” etc) – and Nokia plans to use this energy “to at least partially recharge the device battery”.

Of course, this is just a patent application for now, and it might take quite a few years until we’ll see a Nokia phone that actually users piezoelectricity and kinetic energy.

Nokia battery 1

It would be really nice if Nokia manages to make a phone that doesn’t need a standard battery (like the one seen above) at all, and can run only with the kinetic energy resulted in the way described in the patent application – which can be seen here.

Via Symbian-freak

Author: Ilinca Nita

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