Lip-Reading Phones May Be in Our Future

While mobile technology has made leaps and bounds this decade for anyone who is unable to speak, it’s just the beginning. It turns out some new technology is being developed which will enable people to talk on the phone without having to talk, simply by mouthing the words they want to speak.

At Germany’s Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, researchers are working on a way that would take the motions of your mouth and convert them into synthesized speech. It’s made possible through something called electromyography, which is the process of recording electrical activity that’s produced by our muscles. This method enables the researchers to detect facial movements that are made during conversation. These movements are essentially transmitted to a laptop, which can then convert these facial movements into actual text. From there, text can easily be vocalized by a synthesizer.


Not only can it be used for anyone who is unable to speak, it can also be used for anyone trying to talk in a noisy environment or even keep quiet in a library and yet keep up a full conversation.

The lip-reading setup currently requires no less than 9 electrodes be attached to the person’s face, but with additional research and likely several years of development, this technology may one day be integrated into modern cell phones or similar mobile devices. Not too shabby, especially when we compare it to the phones Google is developing that can instantly translate languages over the phone.

via CNet Crave

Author: Brad Molen

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