iPhone can be addicting, says Stanford University survey

A recent Stanford University study unveiled what some may have already known: Apple’s iPhone can be (and in some cases is) addicting.

200 Stanford students have participated to the survey. They all own iPhones, with 70% of them having the smartphone for less than 12 months.

The students were asked to rank their iPhone dependency on a scale of one to five. Only 6% of the students said they weren’t dependent at all. 10% admitted they’re fully addicted, while 34% ranked the addiction as a four on the given 1 to 5 scale.

89% of the questioned students use the iPhone as their alarm clock, 85% use it as their watch, 75% fall sleep with it in bed next to them, and 69% are more likely to forget their wallet than the iPhone when leaving their homes.

41% of those surveyed said that losing their iPhone would be “a tragedy”. 30% consider it “a doorway into the world,” while 15% believe the iPhone turned them into a media addict. 3% have even named their iPhone.

Apple iPhone addictive

Despite all this, the so-called iPhone addiction is not necessarily a bad thing. For example, the smartphone made 70% of the students more organized, and 54% of them said they’re more productive. Also, 74% admitted the iPhone made them “feel cool”.

You can read more about the Stanford University survey at Live Science.

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Author: Ilinca Nita

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