Google’s Android Market might be blocked in South Korea

Available in South Korea since the second half of 2009, Google’s Android Market might be blocked by the country’s regulatory bodies.

The reason for this is that the Android Market contains about 4,400 games that have not been rated by South Korea’s Game Rating Board (which decides if games are suitable for all ages or not).

The Game Rating Board has sent a letter to Google requesting the company’s collaboration. Reportedly, Google Korea is in the process of reviewing the letter.

Motorola-Motoroi-XT720-Android-Korea Android Market

(MOTOROI XT720, South Korea’s first Android phone)

Interestingly, Apple’s Korean version of the App Store doesn’t have a games category, although it contains games in the entertainment category (these games, however, are already monitored by the Game Rating Board).

Via Yonhap News

Author: Ilinca Nita

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