LG GW370 Shannon shows up somewhere in China

Ready for yet another new but unannounced LG phone?

Meet the LG GW370 Shannon, a touchscreen handset that has just appeared on a Chinese website and comes with a full sliding QWERTY keyboard.

The GW370 resembles both the LG KS365 and the LG GW620, and it’s probably a feature phone.

The specs of LG GW370 are a mystery for now, but we know that its display has a QVGA resolution. The phone also seems to have a trackball (like RIM’s older smartphones):

LG GW370 Shannon

LG GW370 Shannon 2

(second photo via PhonesDB)

By the looks of it, the LG GW370 Shannon will be an affordable phone. Unfortunately, its release date and exact price are not known at the moment.

Via HandCellPhone, PhoneArena

Author: Ilinca Nita

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