More HTC Incredible photos, Verizon logo visible

It’s almost incredible how more and more photos of the HTC Incredible are showing up, and yet Verizon still hasn’t announced the smartphone.

Anyway, along with the new photos came interesting details about the features of HTC Incredible.

Reportedly, the smartphone measures 117.5 x 58.5 x 11.9 mm (it’s almost like the Nexus One) and comes with an 8MP camera and 512MB of RAM. For some reason, the Snapdragon processor that powers the Incredible seems to be underclocked to 768MHz – however, Android 2.1 and Sense UI are running “blazing fast” on the device.

Verizon’s logo can bee seen on the Incredible’s back cover (which, if removed, unveils a full-red interior):

HTC Incredible Verizon live photos

HTC Incredible Verizon live photos 2

HTC Incredible Verizon live photos 3

HTC Incredible Verizon live photos 4

The HTC Incredible should be available at Verizon starting April or May. No word yet on its price, but the largest US carrier will probably sell the smartphone for around $200 on contract.

Via Android Forums, Engadget

Author: Ilinca Nita

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