Verizon’s first LTE phone to come in mid 2011

While MetroPCS hopes to launch its first LTE phone this year (apparently made by Samsung), Verizon says that its very first LTE / 4G handset will only be available starting mid 2011.

Verizon CTO Anthony Melone confirmed this to the Wall Street Journal, although he didn’t say which company will manufacture the LTE phone. Maybe it will be that rumored LTE iPhone? Not likely, but you can never know.

Anyway, Verizon first needs to commercially launch its LTE network, and it plans to do it before the end of 2010 – in some US markets, at least.

Verizon LTE phone 2011

Before introducing a LTE phone, Verizon will probably launch other LTE products (possibly a LTE dongle, like TeliaSonera did).

Via Engadget

Author: Ilinca Nita

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