Facebook and Google sued for mobile social networking patent infringement

Both Google and Facebook were recently sued by a New York-based company called Wireless Ink Corp.

The company (owner of Winksite) claims that Google and Facebook are infringing one of its patents related to software that allows users to access social networking sites on their cell phones.

The patent in question is US Patent No. 7,599,983 issued in October 2009 and entitled “Method, Apparatus and System or Management of Information Content for Enhanced Accessibility over Wireless Communications Networks.”

Reportedly, Facebook Mobile and the recently-launched Google Buzz are using software technology that belongs to Wireless Ink – which obviously seeks cash compensation for this.

Google-Buzz-mobile Wireless Ink patent

Google and Facebook spokesmen declared that the companies are currently reviewing the complaint filed against them by Wireless Ink.

Via BusinessWeek, IntoMobile

Author: Ilinca Nita

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