Qualcomm patents mobile device with multi-fold display

Qualcomm has filed a patent for a mobile device that should feature a multi-fold display. The device should allow users to fold and unfold it, transforming it from a phone into some sort of a tablet, and even into a TV-like set.

Qualcomm’s multi-fold device features a “processor configured to execute at least one software application having a graphical user interface, the processor being responsive to the folding configuration sensor to modify the graphical user interface based on the detected configuration.” The UI can act as “a panorama UI, a desktop UI, an application UI, a web browser UI, an alarm clock UI, a media player UI, or some other UI.“

One of the problems with this device is that, when folded like a cell phone, it would be quite thick – somewhat like that IcePhone seen back in 2008.

Qualcomm multifold display device

Qualcomm multifold display device 2

As you may already know, Qualcomm doesn’t directly produce phones (although it provides chips and software to many important phone makers), so it’s a bit weird to see this patent application. But, who knows, maybe Qualcomm plans to make some devices of its own sometime in the future.

Via GoRumors, Pocket-lint

Author: Ilinca Nita

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