Nokia announces Design by Community project

Nokia has announced a new project called Design by Community, which asks phone users to help the company create a “smartphone concept device of the future.”

The idea behind Design by Community is that anyone can choose how a future Nokia smartphone could look like. You can choose the screen size, the OS (Symbian or MeeGo), materials, connectivity, camera features, and the handset’s overall size and shape.

You can start by visiting this page.

I think the options that Nokia offers for this smartphone concept are somewhat limited. Not to mention funny things like: if you choose a 4 inch resistive display, QWERTY keyboard, hot key only, and a 16:9 screen ratio, you get a “perfect mix”, but if you change the display to capacitive and keep the other specs, you’re “too way out there” – and thus you can not submit the design idea.

Nokia Design by Community

Based on collective design choices, the Nokia Design team will make a 3D render of the final smartphone in May. Nokia says that this will only be a concept device, but, who knows, depending on how things go, it might transform it into a real device.

Via Nokia Conversations

Author: Ilinca Nita

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