Windows Phone 7 Series to lack copy and paste functionality at launch

It looks like Windows Phone 7 Series will be, at least in one way, similar to the first versions of Apple’s iPhone OS: it won’t have copy and paste.

According to Engadget, Microsoft has just confirmed this during its MIX10 conference – where the Redmond giant has also unveiled Windows Phone Marketplace, free WP7 developer tools and more.

Sure enough, this doesn’t mean Microsoft won’t bless Windows Phone 7 Series with copy and paste functionality sometime later after launch. After all, Apple did it for the iPhone after almost two years since the first iPhone came out.

Microsoft-Windows-Phone-7-copy and paste

Meanwhile, Windows Mobile 6.5 (as well as older editions) can handle copy and past just fine.

Back to Windows Phone 7 Series, the first commercially available devices to run it are expected to be launched during the 2010 holiday season (LG Panther and that OmniaHD-like Samsung handset will probably be among them).

Author: Ilinca Nita

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