Study predicts rise of $17.5-billion mobile apps market by 2012

An independent study commissioned by GetJar, the world’s second largest mobile app store (accessible online at predicts that the current market for mobile apps will experience a dramatic growth, with a possible leap of the number of downloads from just slightly more than seven billion in 2009 to nearly 50 billion in 2012, turning it into a $17.5-billion market.

In an interview with AFP, GetJar chief executive Ilja Laurs was quoted as saying, “It is easy to see how mobile apps will eclipse the traditional desktop Internet. It makes perfect sense that mobile devices will kill the desktop.” Even though I don’t completely agree with what he said about mobile apps and the inevitable demise of the desktop, he does have a point.

More and more people are getting on their mobile devices now to connect to the Internet and do things that they normally do on their desktops, where they are forced to sit down on a chair and face a screen in front of them for hours on end. These days, apparently, mobility is where it’s at.

It’s true that more people are on their phones or other mobile devices right now, and that more people are downloading software to these devices more than ever. Still, I see this as just being a fad, with the current influx of somewhat innovative mobile devices in the market. Sooner or later, I think developers and mobile manufacturers are going to run out of things to port from the desktop environment, and people are going to get over the novelty of being able to play fart sounds via their mobile phones. In fact, I think that some time in the near future, mobile phones are going to go back to being used solely for their actual intended purpose: communication.

By then, laptops should very well be desktop-level powerful, and cost the same as any reasonably priced modern smartphone today. Then again, that’s just me. If GetJar’s prediction turns out to be true, on the other hand, then it’s a very good time to be a mobile app developer.


Author: David Gonzales

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