Google intros Orkut, Google Buzz widget for Android

Shortly after announcing Google Maps 4.1 for Android, Google has now introduced two new applications for its mobile platform: Orkut and a Google Buzz widget.

Orkut (which, by the way, is owned and operated by Google) is one of the world’s most visited social networking websites – it’s especially popular in Brazil and India. The Orkut Android app lets users stay connected with their friends via scrap notifications or direct photo uploads.

The application syncs you phonebook to your Orkut friends’ status messages and phone numbers, and lets you add “the list of your orkut friends as a live folder on your home screen, so you’ll be able to browse through your friends list even when not under data network coverage.”

Orkut for Android works on phones that run Android 1.6 or higher. It can be downloaded via Android Market, or by scanning the QR code found at the end of this post.

Google Orkut Android

As for the new Google Buzz widget for Android, this enables users to share their thoughts on Google Buzz quicker and easier, by letting them post both text and photos with a single tap (you can even tag your posts).

Google Buzz widget Android 16

The Google Buzz widget for Android requires Android 1.6 OS and works only if you have Google Buzz installed. If you do have it, go to “Menu > Add > Widgets > Google Buzz” to install the widget.

Via Google Mobile Blog

Author: Ilinca Nita

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