Bharti Airtel and Apple agree to sell iPhone 3GS in India

Telecom operator Bharti Airtel has finally struck a deal with Apple to sell the iPhone 3GS in India, stating in its own web site that the handset will be available at Airtel Authorised Stores very soon. While they haven’t specified just how soon, you can expect the iPhone 3GS to appear at their stores within the next few months.

Just a day prior to the announcement, Bharti Airtel made a bid in a bandwidth auction for 3G, which will probably be eaten up by the bulk of its customers that will be using the upcoming iPhone 3GS. If iPhone 3GS users in India are going to be anything like their US counterparts, then Bharti Airtel is going to need all the 3G bandwidth they can get.

US telecom operator AT&T has faced numerous problems in the past relating to iPhone users and 3G bandwidth consumption.

More information about the availability and specifics of Bharti Airtel’s iPhone 3GS offer can be found on their official web site.

Via Bharti Airtel

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