MOSeco ES905 universal charger will power up your devices day and night

Ever gone fishing, hunting, on a journey or on a picnic trip and thought of charging your gadgets but there were no power outlets in sight? Have you wished you could carry around a portable charger, digital alarm clock and temperature indicator in one? Now you can!

Enter the MOSeco ES905 universal charger. It doesn’t just look good, it is good… for you and your portable electronic devices. Because with a set of adapters for charging most mobile phones (including those from Apple, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG, and Motorola), MP3-players, and digital cameras, it’s all you’re ever going to need.

The MOSeco ES905 also holds pride in being able to charge gadgets via solar power (with the help of its built-in solar panels), as well as with normal AA or AAA batteries (there are two included with every unit). And that’s not all.

A mini-USB port is onboard in order to juice up the MOSeco ES905 via a computer, and if all else fails, there’s also an integrated hand-operated dynamo generator that will charge electronic devices… somehow. And did I mention that it’s also a flashlight with three high-brightness LEDs fitted on one end of it?

It sounds like the MOSeco ES905 packs a lot of power for something so small. For what it’s worth, some people will probably consider it a steal at 2,450 Rubles or about $83 USD.

MOSeco via Mobile-Review

Author: David Gonzales

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