Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus officially coming to AT&T

There have been a lot of rumors about webOS smartphones headed to AT&T, and now it’s finally official: Palm has announced that its Pre Plus and Pixi Plus will indeed be launched by the second largest US carrier.

However, as if it’s not already a bit too late, the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus won’t be available right away – but only “in the coming months”.

AT&T will sell the Palm Pre Plus for $149.99 and the Palm Pixi Plus for $49.99 (both with a 2-yr contract agreement and after a $100 mail-in rebate).

Palm Pre Plus Pixi Plus att

Save for the fact that they’re GSM/HSDPA devices and not CDMA/EV-DO, the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus for AT&T are similar to the ones Verizon is currently selling. AT&T will offer “Wi-Fi access at U.S. hotspots included as part of their unlimited data plan” with the two handsets.

You can sign up here to find out when exactly the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus will be available at AT&T.

Via Press release

Author: Ilinca Nita

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