Quantum dot-based QuantumFilm image sensors for mobiles promise to provide stunning photos

InVisage Technologies, Inc., a California-based company, announced the world’s first commercial quantum dot-based image sensors for mobile phones, called QuantumFilm.

InVisage claims that the QuantumFilm image sensors can solve “the crucial challenge of capturing stunning images using mobile handset cameras” by providing professional camera features, 4x higher performance and 2x higher dynamic range.

Reportedly, the QuantumFilm technology has been in development for years, “under the guidance of notable scientist.”

QuantumFilm image sensors use quantum dots (which are semiconductors that feature unique light-capture properties) and less silicon than today’s image sensors. They capture “an imprint of a light image, and then employ the silicon beneath it to read out the image and turn it into versatile digital signals.” Since silicon-based image sensors capture on average only 25% of light and QuantumFilm captures between 90% to 95%, InVisage’s technology should provide much better photos, even in poor lighting conditions.

InVisage QuantumFilm phone camera sensor

“The future of imaging is in new materials like QuantumFilm, which will change the competitive landscape and possibly re-ignite the pixel race,” declared Tetsuo Omori, senior analyst, Techno Systems Research Co.

According to InVisage, the first QuantumFilm image sensors will sample in the fourth quarter of 2010, targeting smartphones and other types of high-end mobile devices.

Via Press release

Author: Ilinca Nita

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