SanDisk’s 32GB microSDHC cards to go on sale next month

Flash memory maker SanDisk has prepared an announcement called “Something Big”, and it turns out that this revolves around a new microSDHC card–one that holds 32GB of storage space and will cost $200 USD.

If you’re big on storage on your mobile phone and would rather have your data where you can easily access it wherever you are, then SanDisk’s newest offering should be able to serve you well. It’s set to come out next month for the above mentioned price as the last spec bump under microSDHC.

Users that demand even more storage space (and I fail to see why anyone would need more than 32GB of space on a mobile right now) can opt for the higher capacity SDXC cards, but those probably aren’t about to come out any time soon and will require a change in handheld.

32GB should be just enough for now, though, as you can have several of your favorite games on it with other files and stuff without any issues whatsoever. If only they could make the card itself even smaller…

Via Pocket-Lint

Author: David Gonzales

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